Lehigh Valley Gorge Ride

Today, after getting a new inner tube for my front tire, I headed out to complete my mission to find the Lehigh Valley Gorge.

I followed the same route I took last time and made very good time. I was feeling strong -- even better than I di
d on Friday.
Unfortunately, after making it past Church Road -- past the scene of my front tire's blowout -- I found myself on Lehigh Gorge Drive and turned the wrong way. I even remembered thinking to myself before I left the house, "Stay to the right, and you can't miss Laurytown Road."

But, nope. I forgot and went 5 miles out of my way towards White Haven. That's when I knew something was very wrong. The route I mapped would take almost exactly 15 miles to get to the Lehigh Gorge State Park, so when I passed 15 miles on my odometer and started seeing signs for White Haven, I knew I had to turn around.

After doubling back on Lehigh Gorge Drive (adding a total of 10 miles to my 30 mile trip,) I found Laurytown Road. From there, it was just a few miles of windy turns and steep downhills to get to the park. Everything was alright. I even took pictures!

I couldn't stay long because I was burning daylight, so I took just enough time to eat my power bars and enjoy the view before heading back home. I don't have a light on my bike and I hate riding in the dark, so I had to hurry.
According to the map, the Lehigh Gorge Trail runs all the way to Jim Thorpe. That is a trip I would love to take, but it's going to have to wait for another day.
And now, pictures!

Note the red line heading North, indicating my wrong turn.


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