Project Bike

Welcome to Project: Bike, my crazy attempt to take a beat up, vintage bike and get it back in working order.

Here's what I know about this bike:

  • Executive "Made in Austria" (according to the badge on the front)
  • 4 cogs on the rear cluster
  • Broken Simplex rear derailleur
  • 26" wheels
  • was a girls' bike until someone bodged a top tube on it
  • chain is rigged around the broken derailleur, essentially making it a ghetto fixie

I was hoping to replace the original parts, but I'm thinking of just doing a complete refit with modern parts. Or, at least, as modern as I can find for dirt cheap. I'm currently searching for a 26" wheelset and rear derailleur, but I could probably get along with just the rear derailleur.

Total project investment: $10 for the bike, as is. Assuming I can't find another bike to cannibalize, I'll be putting another $60 or so into this to fix it up with new parts.
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