Walz Cycling Caps look too good to keep under your helmet

Earlier today, I stumbled upon Walz Cycling Caps, an outfit out of Vista, CA that makes cycling caps in a variety of styles and functions.

From the site:
Walz Caps creates cycling caps that are made from durable, comfortable fabrics. Our cycling caps are stylish and functional and work well both on and off the bike. Walz Caps are individually made in the United States, which ensures that each Walz cycling cap is of the finest quality.
I want one. In fact, I want TWO.

This is a 3-panel model made with moisture wicking material, and probably the one I'm most interested in. Of course, the dark color might make it a bit warm in the sun, but the moisture-wicking should keep you feeling dry. It fits under a bike helmet, or so I'm told; the pictures on the site certainly make it look comfortable while worn under a helmet.
$19.99 regularly, $24.99 with personalizing embroidered text.

For cooler temperatures, this woolen, plaid version features ear flaps. As Fall weather encroaches, I wouldn't mind stuffing my noggin into one of these. Unfortunately, they do cost a little more than the other models. $32.99 regular, $37.99 with custom embroidery.

Walz also offers cotton-blend material and headwraps in addition to the broad variety of colors and custom patterns. They all look great, and while I can't personally endorse them (I don't have one to try out) I'm not kidding when I say I'd love to own one. Especially the ear-flappy wool model!


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