Dat gummit! A blowout!

After 320+ miles, my front tire blew out.

I was rolling down an unfamiliar road as I was attempting to get to the Lehigh Valley Gorge. That's when I hit a bump and saw a splash of water, or what I thought was water. Turns out, it was the anti-leak gel shooting out of the front tire. Light-blue goo squirting all over me -- now I know what a porn star feels like.

Thankfully, the gunk did its job and plugged the leak. I only lost about 30 pounds of pressure before it sealed, leaving just enough to ride on without worrying about ruining the rim. Just enough to make it to my brother's house and get a lift home.

Eventually, I'll make it out to the Lehigh Valley Gorge, but it'll have to wait until I can patch the tube and put a new tire on.


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