Brent Cohrs eloquently sums up my feelings on Autumn

Normally, I like to speak for myself, but sometimes, you come across someone else's prose that just says it so much better. That's what I've got here in this piece by Brent Cohrs on

In the post, Brent mentions that his posts have been decreasing as the season ends, due to his getting out and enjoying the good days left. Meanwhile, I'm riding less and writing more, and thoroughly unhappy about it.

I need to prioritize my time, write when the weather is bad (like it was for most of this past week) and ride when the weather is good. Instead, I spent the one good day we had this week cramped up in my room, fingers tediously tapping away. I'm glad that I was able to produce a lot of great content for the site, but my heart's not happy unless I'm sitting in the saddle.

The rest of Brent's post is a great read; he makes the crisp, chilly air sound almost pleasant. That could be just enough to get me out on the road. My aim is to take a few days this week and just ride, whether it's cold, hot or whatever. Especially with the 50k coming up on Saturday, it's important that I do this. Dress in layers, ride hard. There's only one week left.


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