Fall is Definitely in the Air

Today's ride could have been better. I made it to the Lehigh Valley Gorge (15 miles) in about an hour and was feeling pretty good. But the ride back took almost twice as long, and I was definitely not feeling good by the end of it.

The reason the return trip takes longer is because the trip into the gorge is mostly downhill, so it's easier to go faster. I don't follow the same route back, I always go in a big circle, but I still have to go up just as much as I come down.

I'm curious as to what the trip would be like if I rode in the opposite direction -- going through Beaver Meadows first, then Weatherly and on into the Gorge, then riding up past Eckley. It's definitely worth a shot to find out.

I also wasn't crazy about the weather, today. It was 66 degrees, which isn't that bad until you're soaking with sweat and riding through heavily shaded, tree-covered back roads with a headwind. I wore layers and tried to stay in the sun, but it still got chilly. And before you roll your eyes, remember: I was doing this back when the mercury was hitting the mid-90s and didn't mind it one bit. Most folks were hiding in the shelter of their A/C units -- I don't even own an air conditioner. I would love to have that weather back.

I was also rather annoyed with my rear derailleur. I'm going to have to adjust it a bit before I go out again because it kept slipping gears and shifting when it should have been steady. Hopefully it just requires some cleaning and tweaking to get it to settle down.


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