How to make your bike look like a TRON light-cycle

We're currently experiencing torrential downpours in a bout of super colossal crap weather, today. It's making me even happier that I went out for a ride yesterday instead of sitting at home, doing boring junk -- like working -- which is what I'm doing today. In between rounds of boring junk, however, I tend to hit up various blogs to see what's going on in the world.

Today, via Prismatic, I stumbled across this gem on

This video is demonstrating the XFire Bike Lane, a safety light that attaches to a bike and uses lasers to highlight a personal bike lane, making cyclists more visible to drivers at night. The gadget is currently awaiting a patent and FDA approval. ...because I guess you might want to eat it? I don't know why it needs FDA approval. Is it because of the frikkin' laser beams? Regardless, it's a pretty sweet idea.

In addition, the XFire also just happens to make you look like you're in TRON, riding on a light-cycle! Maybe that's kind of dorky. Or, maybe that's just so awesome that it completes an orbit and loops right back around to dorky. Either way, it should definitely help drivers see you and give plenty of room when passing. Or, more likely, you'll be easier to hit with half-empty beer cans and yelled at to get off the road. But at least they'll see you, and that's the important thing.

My favorite part in the video is when two cyclists can be seen riding side-by-side with XFires, if only because it answered the question, "What happens when they cross the streams?" Unfortunately, nothing happens. For a moment, however, the two cyclists do meet on an even keel and revel in their collective nerdery. "We've got frikkin' laser beams on our bikes!" And you know you want one, too.


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