Another Ride to the Gorge

I couldn't wait to make another ride to the Lehigh Valley Gorge. I was eager to see what the river was like after the remnants of Hurricane Isaac made its way through our area. As I had expected, the Lehigh River was swollen and wild, running violently in places. The rocks where I stood a few days ago were now under water with a rushing current splashing around them.

Even the bottom steps of the staircase leading down to the bank of the river were fully submerged. What a sight it was to see! Compare the shots below to the shots I took the other day.

I rode the trail for almost a mile before heading back. I don't want to spoil whatever awaits down that path until I'm ready to take it all in. Maybe on Friday I will head out early enough to follow it to its terminus and visit Jim Thorpe. Until then, I wait. I simply cannot resist the natural charms and beauty of this place.

This area was dry only a few days ago, where I sat along the rocks and ate my lunch.


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