For the cyclist who has everything,'s list of shocking Interbike finds

Ready for something really weird? Well, Jeff has a post on that highlights 5 weird things, just for you..

Brace yourself. Fat bike is coming. Source:
Want shoes that keep your feet cool, and also, possibly, minty fresh? How about anti-lock brakes on a mountain bike? Weird helmets? Fat bikes and free tattoos? Jeff over at has compiled them all into a fun list in a post titled MTB Products on the Fringe: Shocking Interbike finds.

To be honest, I've never heard of Interbike until this past week, as the event was actually occurring. Interbike is described as "North America's largest bicycle trade event and show." Given my experience attending trade shows and events in the video games industry, I can just imagine that this was probably pretty similar, complete with weird products and gimmicks galore. Well, maybe with less chance of being stuck in line for several hours with a large, smelly man wearing a Pikachu costume. (I'll let you decide if that is more or less awesome.)


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