Let's Talk About Natural Supplements

...because just the thought of choking down another omelette is making me gag. Yesterday, during my post-workout meal, I was doing everything I could just to get through chewing and swallowing those eggs.

According to everything I've read, the post-workout meal is very important, but what do you do if you're just not feeling hungry? Are you supposed to force-feed yourself? And, yes, I would describe what I did yesterday as an intense training session. After 2 hours of going up a very steep hill, my legs were extremely sore.

The good news is, I got through the meal and my legs were feeling much better, but I think I'd like to switch out eggs for a protein supplement. Any thoughts on this?

I happen to have a large bottle of Healthy 'n Fit Nutritionals 100% Egg Protein. It's the "heavenly chocolate" flavor, which is a bit of stretch -- both in the "heavenly" and "chocolate" descriptions -- but I can drink it down and get it over with much more easily than another plate of foam-rubbery grossness. I can also mix it in with oatmeal and milk, which seems much more palatable.

Again, any suggestions? Should I just avoid this stuff and stick to whole foods?


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