Friends of Prompton Host Pedal & Paddle Festival

If you've been looking for a chance to get off the road for a while and enjoy some single-track trail riding, I've been informed that there's a big event going on this weekend at Prompton State Park.

The Pedal & Paddle Festival is being held June 9th at Prompton State Park by the Friends of Prompton, and I'm pretty excited about the prospects, myself. I've never been to Prompton, so I'm eager to explore the area and see what they've got. It's been a long time since I've had the chance to get my wheels muddy, and this park promises at least 23 miles of trails.

As evidenced by the name of the event, kayaking is also supposed to be a big deal at Prompton. I can't say I've ever kayaked, unless you count buying plane tickets from I've rafted along the rapids of the Lehigh River, jet skied on a lake, boated, canoed and hydroplaned across a wet road, but I've never been on a kayak. I'm sure I'm missing out.

If running is more your sport, however, please be aware that there's a trail run going on at Prompton the day before the Pedal & Paddle Festival on June 8th, dubbed the Prompton Punisher. Running really isn't my thing, but if it were, by God, I would have my iPod set to repeat "Run Through the Jungle" the whole 10, 20 or 30 miles (depending on the particular brand of punishment you desire.) Let's be honest, that would just end up being stuck in my head, anyway; I can't help it.

Before closing this blog post, I ask, "If gingers don't have a soul, what can be said for ginger beer?"

It is delicious, that's what. On Sunday, I decided to go on another ride through the valley to visit Stewart's Drive-In in Conyngham, PA.
Stewart's used to make their own brand of ginger beer, but I guess they stopped making it and decided to stock Big Ben's from Catawissa, PA, instead. I can't argue; it's just as good, and totally worth the trip.

Finally, and I'm not saying it's because of the ginger beer, but, that same morning, I totally beat my personal record going up one of the sections I ride often. It's true, I got the whole thing on Strava! Amazing, no? I'm almost better than no one, but at least I'm better than myself.

Speaking of Strava, I've accepted the "Junedoggle" (their word, definitely not mine) Challenge. The idea is to ride as much as possible in June, which was, pretty much, my MO all along. I mean, really, I was going to do that, anyway. But, seeing as how I love stats, Strava  tells me that I'm currently ranked 19,040 out of 54,476 participants, which makes me feel better than at least 35,436 other riders. Woo hoo! See that? BETTER!

And now, as a reward for those who've read this far, a picture of Howdy Doody:
Note: Howdy Doody is a ginger.
And whatever is happening here:


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