The Taste That Satisfies

There are moments when you have a craving, an unwavering desire for something -- a deep, passionate thirst that will not subside. Today, it was ginger beer.

It's hard to verbalize, but there was nothing that could satisfy my thirst for this drink. I don't normally consider it to be something I must absolutely have, but the feeling was overwhelming. Though, however willing the spirit may have been, the flesh was lazy, unwilling to get off the couch. Then, the real dilemma began.

Opposing forces within me grappled for control. I felt my senses leaving as I struggled in vain to fight. I was being torn in two. The fight was between the part of me that wanted -- needed -- to take the bike, and the part of me that thought, "Why not just take the car? What's the big deal?"

My soul was an unfathomably deep well, overflowing with turmoil at this point. On one shoulder was a little devil me, driving a car around with some tunes blaring out the open window. On the other, a little angel me, decked out in lycra, with a glowing halo hovering above his bike helmet. The angel won; albeit, with a pair of flip-flops and a cotton t-shirt instead of shoes and lycra.

One of the very few things I like about living in Hazleton is that there's a grocery store only a few blocks away, in almost every direction. Not that it makes the city unique, it's just that I find it to be a point of convenience. And, speaking from a purely utilitarian point of view, convenience is a very good thing. A long, extended ride is great when the point is to go on a long, extended ride. When you're just running a quick errand to pick up something for dinner, however... not so much.

And so, having finally hopped on the bike and made my way to the store, I claimed my prize:

So, actually, I didn't claim my prize. After all that, they didn't even have ginger beer, so I bought some Big Blue, instead. Turns out, my unwavering thirst for a specific taste was a lot looser than I had originally thought. I guess, really, it's just the carbonation I was after. I don't drink alcohol to excess, and I don't smoke, so if carbonated fizzy drinks be my one vice, I'll gladly roll with it.

As you can see from the label, it is naturally and artificially flavored; I'm not sure what it's naturally and artificially flavored with, though. I don't know what "blue" is supposed to taste like, so I can't even guess what the natural and artificial flavors might be. It tastes a little bit like bubble gum... I guess? I'll just say it was made from Smurf juice, which is both natural and artificial when you consider that they are living organisms that don't actually exist.

In closing, I salute the many smurfs that died to bring me the fine taste of carbonated, high-fructose corn syrup. Big Blue, you might not be ginger beer, but at least you have a taste that satisfies.


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