Memorial Day Bike Ride In Photos (and one Vine!)

Despite the chilly temperatures, (seriously, dipping down into the 30s? Unreal.) we still managed to make the most of the beautiful weather on Memorial Day.

I rode from Tresckow to McAdoo with my friend Jarred, his wife Alicia and their daughter Sophia. Just a little under 4 miles, but totally worth it.

Shooting a selfie of our group.
No, we're not riding on the wrong side of the road. I used the front-facing camera on the iPhone, which apparently mirrors the image, reversing everything.

Bikes and brews!
In this photo, Jarred and I are swapping the knobby tires on Alicia's bike with some slick road tires we found on a bike someone was throwing out. I was hoping to replace Jarred's rear wheel, since it seemed to be locking up and wobbling, but the cassette was shot. So, because Alicia was having a hard time keeping up, I figured she'd be able to benefit from having road tires instead.

Using Vine on the iPhone to shoot a quick video of our ride.

All in all, we really couldn't ask for a better day. After days of cold temperatures and rain, it felt good to get on the road with a little warmth and sunshine.


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