The Fall 2012 edition of Spokes-People newsletter is now available

Issue number 2 -- the Fall 2012 edition of Spokes-People -- is now available for download.

Spokes-People is a quarterly newsletter published by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The newsletter is aimed at communicating with and educating cyclists of Pennsylvania on bike safety, laws and other issues that affect us.

In this edition, Fall Riding is the focus, with an emphasis on remembering to keep hydrated even though the hot summer sun is no longer drying us out. In addition, being on the lookout for wet leaves, acorns, branches and other debris that can topple a rider is very important.

There's also a piece on roadwork that was done to improve bicycle travel in Lebanon County, tips for students riding to school and much more. My favorite article is a fun piece on Matt Kasunick, a Senior Civil Engineer for PennDOT's Bureau of Project Delivery, who likes to ride down single-track on his mountain unicycle. That's certainly something I've not seen on the trails, yet!
matt kasunick mountain unicycle senior civil engineer penndot
Matt Kasunick, Moutain Unicycler
Definitely take some time to check out this newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe, you can do so by going to this form on PennDOT's site and entering your email address. You can also download the Fall 2012 edition from this link.


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