5 hour earworm - what I heard in my head for 50 miles

I always carry my cellphone with me when I ride, just in case of emergencies. However, it was also a source of music to keep me company. But when I started going on really long rides, the battery couldn't keep up. (Although, Strava was mostly to blame. GPS chews up a lot of battery life.) Not only that, but I began to appreciate the ambient sounds of the natural world around me even more. So, I stopped listening to music on long rides, altogether. Unfortunately, this leads to other problems.

An "earworm" is a song, or even just a part of a song, that gets stuck in your head. In the case of my ride on Monday, I had a whole playlist of songs that kept mixing and mashing themselves in my head -- verses, melodies, choruses, certain notes and sounds -- repeating over and over. It usually helps if I know how a song ends, because I can just run it out, clear my mind and focus on the ride again. Other times, however... well, you end up with stuff like this eclectic mix:

West Side Story - Jet Song

At least it wasn't "Gee, Officer Krupke," this time.

Autotune the News/Antoine Dodson - Bed Intruder

So, so catchy. I love the breakdown near the end, where it's just claps and vocals.

Boston - Foreplay/Long Time

Yeah, the whole thing. The epic, orchestral beginning, and then the rest. Mostly, it was just the organ playing the main chord progression over and over, though.

Eric Carmen - Make Me Lose Control

This one I forced on myself. I just picked something at random and went with it to make Boston stop. And then this wouldn't stop playing, either.

And that's it. I don't know why, it's just one of those things. A somewhat embarrassing list of songs that some folks wouldn't want to hear once, let alone on "repeat" for 5 hours in a row. As you can imagine, it got just a little annoying.


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