RackLove.com - A search engine for stolen bikes

Sir Rackalot
Vanquisher of Bike Thieves
Bike thieves suck, but thanks to the Internet, victims have more options when it comes to getting their joy back, and RackLove.com just raised the chances of a successful reunion.

RackLove is a community marketplace for buying and selling bicycles. I first came across them on Reddit, in r/bicycling/, but then later saw them in this post UrbanVelo.org, so they're definitely growing in popularity.

The site is based in San Francisco, but they welcome anyone to join in. The main goal of the site is to build a community of bike buyers and sellers while eliminating the black market for stolen bicycles through independent verification.

By connecting people one-on-one and getting them involved in the community, it should be easier to tell the difference between a legitimate seller and someone who's just looking for a quick buck on a stolen set of wheels. However, RackLove just went a step further in fighting bike thieves by now offering a search engine that specifically looks for stolen bikes.
Want a mutant bike? Visit RackLove.com!

The search engine works by scouring popular sites that bike thieves are more likely to try and sell through (*cough* Craigslist *ahem*). Simply by entering a description of the bike and the zip code where it was stolen, if the thief posted it to any of the targeted sites, hopefully, it should pop up. From there, well, that's up to you. You did remember to take plenty of pictures of your bike and write down the serial number, right?

So, does it work? Check out this thread on the MTBR.com forum. If you're diligent and quick, you might just get your ride back!

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