Not Getting the Memo

The good news: Thursday night rides with Valley Cycles have returned!

The bad news: No one told me we were riding roadies.

It was like showing up to a gun fight with a waffle. Err, I'm getting that analogy wrong, which is exactly what happened. I was expecting a fun night full of trail riding and showed up with my 29er mountain bike. Trying to pedal a fat 29er around for nearly 14 and a half miles with a mean headwind wasn't fun. I mean, I was glad to be outside in beautiful weather with a great group of people, but the Excalibur weighs a ton. Now that I know better, I'll be sure to show up with the road bike and have a much better time, next week.

Honestly, I've never been much of a beer guy, but at the post-ride meetup at River Street Jazz Cafe, I sucked down a pint of Yuengling and swore that nothing had ever tasted so good. Good brews, good times... I'm so glad we're doing this again!

One point of discussion among several fellow riders was the upcoming Bike for Habitat ride, this Sunday. I'm glad to know there will be a few familiar faces there! It's going to be new terrain for me, so it'll be nice to have a few "guides" to wheel suck while I try not to get lost. I'll be riding for Cross Valley FCU who are sponsoring the ride and the weather should be beautiful. I'm pretty excited!

I wanted to ride in the Tour de Scranton, last week, but was actually put off by the varying routes. 4 miles was going to be way too short, 15 was also pretty short and there were still 3 routes left -- 32, 46 and 65 miles. Which route to choose? Do I push myself and try the 65 mile route, or do I go with an amount I'm more confident about? I just wasn't sure. Did I want to a lot of climbing or choose something more level? Note for next year: team up with other riders and see what they want to do, then just go with that.


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