Day 30 of 30 Days of Biking: End Game

It's the first of May, and if you're a Jonathan Coulton fan, you know what that means...

It also means that the "30 Days of Biking" challenge is officially over, and what a roller coaster ride it was.

April got off to a great start. Sunny days and temperatures that were breaking into the 70s. Unfortunately, a few days later, it snapped back to being cold, wet and miserable. We had a few nice days, and I made an effort to ride even during terrible conditions, but in the end, I only got in 16 days.

On one hand, 16 days is over 50%. On the other hand, that's just barely above failure. Maybe next year?

The thing about this challenge was that it wasn't one I really had to do; I would have ridden my bike as often as possible, regardless. By accepting the challenge, I was hoping it would raise some awareness and get people active and doing something positive. Even if someone simply got on their bike and went for a short spin because of me, I'd be happy.

Now, on to May. Hopefully, with much more consistently good weather!


Dean Rowntree said...

I'd dare bet that 50% is a lot more than some of the people who participated managed. You should be proud that you got out there in the crappy weather!

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