Day 5 of 30 Days of Biking: Wasting Your Time

Aww, man. Where am I going to come up with at least 300 words to describe this morning's ride into the office? Should I recount almost being killed by a yellow Volkswagen (It was one of the new, extra d-bag looking ones) It came pretty close, and was definitely going faster than 25 mph. Perhaps you would like to hear about the fuzzy squirrel who flipped out and went jumping from tree trunk to tree trunk as I rode past? That was pretty funny. Also, it was pretty cold, this morning, so there's always that... as if I haven't complained about that enough.

Here's something I can talk about! I don't always take pictures on my rides, but when I do, I take pictures of wayward Sorting Hats that have found their way into holes in the road. Here's one I shot yesterday; a lost, drunken Sorting Hat that doesn't know where it is, and no longer cares.
Go home, Sorting Hat. You're drunk!
These things are kind of a menace, and you should really see the chaos it was causing for people driving down the hill. Folks trying to make a left turn didn't know if they should go around the cone or cut to the inside and nearly clip cars waiting at the stop sign. Damn Sorting Hats. And they always manage to end up in construction zones. Maybe that's why it takes so long to fix the roads around here? Perhaps we can appoint some kind of Sorting Hat catching service to round up all these Sorting Hats and keep them in no-kill shelters. At the very least, I wish they would send a street sweeper out to get rid of all this gravel.

Now, if that were where the story ends, this would be a pretty pointless blog post, wouldn't it?


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