Going clipless with Crank Brothers Candy Ones

I confess, the idea of my feet being anchored to my pedals kinda freaked me out, and I was, in fact, afraid of clipless pedals. But no more.

Presenting my first foray into clipless pedal territory: Crank Brothers Candy Ones on my Giant Defy.

So far, I had one close call when I forgot I was clipped in, but I managed to save myself at the last minute and keep from hitting the ground. In fact, clipping in is actually proving to be more frustrating than clipping out. I was assured that clipping in will come natural after a while, and I did manage to clip in on the first try at least once, so there's hope.

If I hadn't already been sold on going clipless, one ride would have been all I needed to be convinced. No regrets.


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