#30DaysofBiking Registration Kicks Off Today - I've joined Team #LovingTheBike

"30 Days of Biking" is an initiative to get people around the world to commit to an entire month of biking, every single day beginning April 1, 2013. The registration kicks of today, March 1. To register, sign up at http://30daysofbiking.com/
I've already signed up and have pledged to ride for Team #LovingTheBike.

One of the bike bloggers I follow and read regularly is Darryl at LovingtheBike.com. In case you don't recall, I wrote a response to a post he published several months ago called "Using the Full Lane: A response to Darryl at Lovingthebike.com" about the issues of bicycle safety, and why I believe cyclists should be encouraged to take the lane whenever possible. While our philosophies were slightly different on that issue, fortunately, Darryl's post about signing up for #30DaysofBiking and riding with Team #LovingTheBike is something we can both see eye-to-eye on, unconditionally! I'm very pleased to lend a hand in the effort to help the team win this year.

What's great about #30DaysofBiking is that the emphasis isn't on how much you ride, but how often you ride. What that means is that anyone can do it, even if they only ride a few miles a day. Getting people up and riding, committing to a healthier, happier lifestyle is what this is all about.
Signing up is easy, just take the pledge to ride every day for 30 days. Signups end on March 31 and the challenge begins on April 1. Even if you don't plan on joining a team, please sign up and make your individual effort count! With all of us committed to this, no one is truly riding alone.

You can follow 30DaysofBiking on Twitter and use the hashtag #30DaysofBiking to help spread the word. You can also follow Darryl on Twitter and even my Twitter account, if you're so inclined. If you decide to join, let us know!


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