I'm eager to get my feet on these Grand Cru Sabot platform pedals

I hate to admit it, but clipless pedals scare me -- especially in a trails setting where I might need to touch down to keep from falling over. It happened quite a few times when I was out riding in Kirby Park, but what bothered me even more was how often my shoes slipped right off the platforms. I could probably get a lot further if I had shoes with a non-skid surface, but even the pedals on my bike get slippery the moment they get the slightest bit wet. Time to upgrade?

Over the weekend, I was skimming through my blog subscriptions when I came upon this post on the Velo ORANGE blog: Sabot Long Term Test.

The pedals being tested in that post are these Grand Cru Sabot pedals:

Between the large size (100mm long x 100mm wide) and the removable pins (rounded pins are included but can be replaced with sharp pins) for extra grip, I'm definitely thinking of giving these a shot. They're even toe-clip compatible, just in case I'm feeling extra paranoid about slippage.

At $90, the price doesn't seem too steep, considering the quality of craftsmanship going into them. I'm sure they'll make the ride feel completely different, but it's going to be a while before I can get a pair. They aren't available yet, but should be coming soon. I'm looking forward to it!


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